Our development and soccer skills programs are designed for players who want to improve their game to a higher level.

Professional Uruguayan football coaching prioritizing skill, speed and awareness.

Wellington Soccer Academy is based in Guelph, Ontario.

Why Wellington Soccer?


Besides working the physical, emotional, technical and mental aspects of the game, at Wellington Soccer we promote values. A football player who lacks ethical and professional values, lacks the necessary components to play at the top level. Part of our football programs is the development of discipline and team work. Work ethic and positive attitude are key elements that professional techincal directors pay attention to and are considered required for competition.

Game Speed

A player that moves fast and thinks fast is hard to stop. The speed of game we work on at our soccer academy is the most efective in Ontario. With methods and techniques imported from Uruguay, Argentina and adapted to Canadian soccer standards, our secret is in building balance and agility with the ball from the very first session.

Quality Practice

Practice is as important as games and both can be dynamic and demanding. Our players come to train with a smile on their faces, and leave practice better than when they arrived. The challenges are a level above each player's skill and we work with the ball almost the entire time, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 games with focus on tactical and technical abilities. As the player progresses, the challenges get progressively harder.

Football Intelligence

Beyond chasing a ball for hours on end, our work is highly technical. Players develop game intelligance, that is to say, they will understand the strategy better, including the use of spaces and movements off the ball. Our teaching technique is based on the Uruguayan style of play and modern european tactics.

Positive Reinforcement

Sports psychology has advanced the understanding of motivation. For example, we know that players learn better with positive and constructive reinforcement, avoiding negative criticism. We work with a positive attitude, reinforcing technique and appreciating the players' efforts during each practice.

Strenght & Agility

Pyshical conditioning and resistance are important. However, strenght and agility are the priority in our academy. A player capable of making long passes, beating the opponent face to face and with the proper balance to handle the ball like the best.